Flare vent specialists for all unmetered volumes

Thanks for visiting FlareVent.com, the home of Alberta flare vent specialists D&I Services Ltd. We are an oilfield contractor specializing in measuring all unmetered gas volumes.

We work in Western Canada (Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan) estimating flared and vented natural gas volumes at oil and gas facilities to ensure your organization remains compliant with provincial regulating bodies.

Provincial regulating bodies such as Alberta’s ERCB Energy Resources Conservation Board (formerly the AEUB - Alberta Energy & Utilities Board) have committed to drastically reducing flared gas volumes.

D&I Services Ltd. can help your organization inventory and estimate all flared and natural gas volumes at your oil and gas facilities.

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Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Create complete flare logs for your oil and gas facilities
  • Update existing flare logs
  • Document fuel gas take-off points
  • Flow diagrams & conceptual site drawings

Flaring & Venting News & Blog


BC Flaring and Venting Reduction Guideline

BC has its own Flaring and Venting Reduction Guideline.


Saskatchewan: S-10 & S-20 final regulations in place

The Province of Saskatchewan has introduced the final S-10 and S-20 legislation.


Saskatchewan Upstream Petroleum regulations – S-10, S-20

Final regs to be out by the end of 2010


Alberta natural gas flaring

Alberta’s doing a good job on reducing natural gas flaring and is a model for the rest of Canada and the world.


Saskatchewan Energy & Resources: S-10 & S-20

Saskatchewan will see the same type of flaring & venting regulations as Alberta. The draft regs are out.


Alberta flaring & venting 2008

Solution gas flaring & venting increased by 7.6% in Alberta in 2008. Overall, it’s been reduced in Alberta by 77% since 1996.